Scope of Application

The Voluntary Control applies to the Information Technology Equipment (ITE) to be shipped for the domestic market in Japan. 

Definition of ITE

ITE refers to equipment with a rated power supply voltage not exceeding 600V, which has a primary function of one or a combination of the following functions-entry ,storage, display, retrieval, transmission, processing, switching or control of data and of telecommunication messages - and which may be equipped with one or more terminal ports typically operated for information transfer. However, these regulations shall not apply to the following types of equipment: 

  1. Equipment which is subject to, or under review of being subject to other standards or laws equivalent in objective to these regulations in Japan, even if it fits under the definition above for ITE. This includes all radio equipment with primary functions of radio transmission and reception as stipulated in Radio Law or in-vehicle ITEs, and equipment stipulated in the Electric Appliance and Material Control Law, such as household electrical appliances, radio and television broadcast receivers.
  2. ITE in telecommunication centers (ITE only used in buildings controlled by telecommunication carriers).
  3. Control units designed to be used in industrial plants where the data processing function is a secondary function.
  4. Testing and measuring instruments designed to be used for industrial, scientific, and medical purposes where the data processing function is a secondary purpose (ISM equipment).
  5. ITE whose power consumption is 6 nW or less.